Thursday, February 14, 2013

Moon Mark 6 Knives Ready for Order

Hey All,

  The Mark 6's are finally ready for order.  I am taking custom orders on these knives so if you're interested in getting one, please send me an email, my new address is  You have your choice in G10 for the backspacer, scales and pocket clip, as well as satin, two-tone black oxide and stonewash finishes on the blade.  These will also be available with drop point blades in future runs, but the first run only comes in the tanto grind.  The knives are 495$ shipped in the US.

  The knives feature interchangable 4 inch blades with the Mark 12 Integral Framelock, including an internal stop pin and the same thrust bearing system.  These blades are hand ground with hand crowned spines.  Thrust bearings are self contained; unlike IKBS, which uses loose ball bearings, a thrust bearing is one unit and thus you never have to worry about loosing bearings if you take the knife apart for cleaning.  Weight on the knives is around 6 ounces, the different blade grinds vary from 5.7 to 6.3 ounces.  They do have tapered handles.

  Currently I'm using G10 pocket clips.  Titanium clips will be available for a slight upcharge, but the G10 clips are extremely strong and durable.  I've been using G10 for pocket clips in other knives for a very long time, and I'm always impressed with how well the material holds up to hard use.

  Because the blade tangs are milled, I can hold extremely high precision in the lock placement of the knives.  They have early lockups for plenty of longevity.  The blade lock faces are milled before heat treat rather than ground after heat treat, this insures the lock face is properly hardened and will insure a very long life for the lock.

  The first run of knives will come with "sterile" blades in CPM-S30V, but the serial number of each knife will be marked on the frame under the non-locking side scale.  Subsequent runs will feature my logo etched on the blade.