Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coming Soon: Moon Mark 6

Hey All,

  I wanted to take a moment to show off some CAD mock-ups of the Mk6 bolster lock.  I've been getting a lot of mail regarding these knives, so I figured it was time to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.  It's essentially a bolster-lock non-integral version of the Mk12 which has been extremely popular.  That said, the Mk12 is a pricey knife; integral frames are extremely time consuming and difficult to produce and the slightest error will ruin the knife.  As such I wanted to design a custom knife that'd be more affordable for the guys who don't nessisarily want to shell out a grand for a custom integral.

  The Mk6 follows the lines of the Mk12 exactly, essentially it's a Mk12 only constructed like a standard framelock.  The knife uses the same blade and thrust bearing system, the only difference is in the construction of the handle, which is machined out of 6Al4V and fit with G10 scales, a 3D machined G10 backspacer and G10 pocket clip.

  Full titanium versions without bolsters will be available as well, for higher end knives I also plan to offer the knives in Mokuti and with various options for spacer and scale materials.  Blades will be available in a variety of steels, as they are interchangable with the Mk12's, and in a variety of blade grinds and variations.  Price will be around six bills.

  Keep an eye on my Youtube channel for build video.  Thanks for all the support and for keeping up with us!